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Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Welcome to this week’s Apps Uncovered where we feature a range of iPhoneography talent and reveal the creativity and techniques behind each of the iPhone images featured.

This week, I am running a day late – for which I apologise – and particularly to David DeNagel whose work was accidentally missed out in my last selections…however, I am delighted to say that David has two entries in this week’s showcase. If you love to read about photographer’s approaches to shooting and editing, make sure you read David’s backstories. He is especially good at describing the creative process behind his wonderful images.

Rounding out the rest of our talented group this week are the following iPhone artists and photographers Rob Pearson Wright, Mark Walton, Photo Graphic, Ken DuFault, Karen Axelrad, Tomaso Belloni, Petyr Campos and Sheldon Serkin.

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I'm just a friend you haven't met yetApps used: First of all I used Snapseed to tweak the brightness, contrast and highlights in the image. I also used the selective tool to slightly brighten and highlight the dogs face. Then I used a long non-updated version of Big Lens (past updates have messed it right up! Sort it out!) to mask the dog and the magazine to create a depth of field effect. Finally I used Mextures to apply a grungy filter and apply a black and white look to the image. Backstory: In the UK The Big Issue is a magazine sold by homeless people to give them a leg up rather than just ask for hand outs. The unfortunate rise in homeless people on the streets of London is often accompanied by the sight of four legged companions to these men and women. Everyone needs a friend they can trust. Outside a busy mainline tube station, one such furry friend caught my attention. I couldn’t see the dog’s companion around, yet there it sat just holding a copy of The Big Issue in its mouth. I lent down on my knees to capture the shot from a lower perspective and noticed the tag line on the magazine which read ‘Talk To Me’. This struck a chord with me and made me think about how much the homeless are ignored and passed by in daily life. It doesn’t take much to have a chat to see if they’re alright, buy them a cup of tea or coffee, give some change or let them bum a smoke. My hope is that more is done to help them with whatever issues they have and we see their numbers dramatically decrease.

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Whitfield St by Mark Walton

Apps used: I shot the photo with the iPhone 7+ “zoom” camera and edited with with Snapseed.
Backstory: It was taken with Camera+ version 9.1. No idea whether this is the latest version but it’s the camera app I use on my iPhone. Don’t tend to use any others these days. As far as the image is concerned, I liked the way the window frame divided the image in half, with the back of the person’s head seen fuzzily through the glass adding a touch of mystery, and the roundness providing a contrast with the rectangles. The reflection of the cars is another element -there’s quite a lot going on in the picture. I was walking between the pub and the fish and chip shop when the image presented itself! #biker in #toledo #spain

Apps used: I used iphone6, editing with apple Photo App
Backstory: I was trying to select the best frame for the architecture of the building, attracted by the sharp light and by the vertical sign about surrealism and abstract art exhibition. Suddenly the biker appeared, And I took the shot :-)

I Try to Follow the Rules of SocietyApps used: iPhone 6+ and processed with Snapseed Backstory: My wife is an artist and in many ways a non-conformist. We were working out together at the gym, when I turned around and saw her balanced on top of the exercise ball with the tips of her toes on the wall. I then noticed the sign. I said to her, “You’re not supposed to have your feet on the wall.” She replied, “They don’t want dirty footprints. i just have my toes.” In that moment, I saw her personality fully displayed- with her fiery red hair, her tattoos, and pushing the limits of a rule. I grabbed my iPhone and took the picture. It’s one I will cherish forever. Reflections in Gallery Window

Apps used: This photo was taken with the iPhone 7 and processed in Snapseed: first basic corrections were made, then it was converted to black-and-white and subsequently treated with the grunge filter with texture removed.
Backstory: I had just left this art gallery in Berlin, when I quickly snapped the reflection in the window.

ComplicationsApps used: I shot with the iPhone 7+ default camera (not the zoom one) and processed first in Snapseed for basic editing (including some cropping for a tighter framing) then in Hipstamatic (Smith lens, Aristotle film and Apollo flash). Backstory: The muslim quarter in Xi’an consists of bustling narrow streets full of people selling food and diverse items. It offers great opporunities for street photography, especially with a discrete iPhone camera. This man was selling wooden toads that you can rub with a mallet to produce a croaking sound. The pattern of toads in the front and black and white tiles in the back made a good framing for the figure playing his toad. Untitled

Apps used & Backstory: This image is the result of a trip I made to a nearby lake; there was an hour’s daylight left before sundown.
This goose (a hybrid mix between a wild goose and a Canadian goose) was perched, alone, surveying the lake atop an overturned fishing boat. I gradually approached the bird, taking shots every few feet. When I got close enough to startle it into taking flight, I used the iPhone’s burst mode to capture a series of images, as the goose winged its way back to the safety of the water. 
Due to the low light and hand holding the camera, I knew there would be the motion blur I desired in these burst shots. Yet I also hoped that key areas of these images would still be recognizably focused. I particularly liked this frame, which exhibits a good balance between both blur and focus. 
To enhance the graphic effect of the bird’s beating wings and suspended body over the water, I processed the image in black and white( in this case, VSCO, preset Fuji Neopan 1600). All other basic tonal and sharpening adjustments were done entirely in VSCO, as well as the addition of some grain.
Even though I used the iPhone 7 plus in telephoto mode, I needed to crop, in post processing, to achieve the essential framing. I resized the final image in Big Photo.
UntitledApps used & backstory: This image is from a street shooting session. During a recent rain, I wanted to shoot some images in the center of the town where I live. A group of boys on skateboard style scooters approached me, curious about what I was doing. I asked if they would consent to a photo shoot. I took several images, both of the boys together and individually. In this image, I positioned the subjects against a nearby building’s long red wall ,in order to have a neutral background. It was raining gently, but we were all so caught up in the moment, no one minded.
 Foster Beach Pier

Apps used: distress fx for texture
Superimpose for masking.
Mextures for colors and textures.
Brushstoke for painterly effect.


Apps used: Apple iPhone native camera 7+ with instagram filter

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