Apps Uncovered 6 June 2014


Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Welcome to this week’s Apps Uncovered where we showcase the best iPhone images submitted to our Flickr Group. We also ask the artists to reveal their techniques and backstories behind each image selected.

Lobby by Mike Bowers steals the lead spot this week with his lovely rendering of a sunlit lobby using ToonPAINT, Glaze and Superimpose. The image has a beautiful loose painterly feel and makes excellent use of the app Toon Paint. More great use of ToonPaint is demonstrated in Jane Fiala’s illustration (that started life as an iPhone photo) of a waterway in Burano. Also showcased are some stunning textural, rich landscape images including Sundown from Cyndy Johnson and “Untitled” from Erika Brothers. We feature some floral beauties including Elaine Taylor’s beautiful Vintage Rose and Skipology’s subtly playful Muscari. Ginger Lucero’s Lazy Sunday is a wonderful surreal piece with a great backstory and I love the angle and sweet colour processing of Brian Miller’s Chalk. Rad Drew treats us to a wonderfully minimal composition with classic converging tapering lines splitting the gorgeous colour tones and textures. Towards the end of our gallery, we have two beautiful monotone and evocative images; Canonbury, Old School House from Mark Walton and Cindy Buske’s, The Beginning. We finish with Mariko Klug’s beautiful dreamy “Dancing Poppies”, a beautiful way to close this weekend. Thank you all for submitting your wonderful images to the iPhoneographyCentral Flickr group.


Lobby by Trillikemike

Apps: Toon PAINT, Glaze, Superimpose



image by Jane Fiala

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph this spot on Burano. I’ve seen so many versions of this place.
PhotoToaster taken with Fotor HDR. iColorama to simplify. ToonPaint to get outline. Combined in Suoerimpose. PhotoToaster and Distressed FX for textures.


Sundown #distressedfx #stackablesapp #water #sunset #painterlymobileart #painterly

Sundown by Cyndy Johnson

Wishing I lived on water I took this shot early one morning of the tree tops across the street. I shot it with Hipstamatic, cropped and adjusted the sharpness in Snapseed. I then added texture to the sky in Stackables and ran it through ColorLake to get the water. Distressedfx for the birds and Lenslight for the light on the water. The halo effect was used in Photofx and the strip gradient filter to add the orange to the sky. Lastly I added the paint square texture from stackables.


Untitled by Erika C. Brothers

Every weekend we go out for a bike ride with my 3 kids, and I love taking pictures of all the meadows and fields full of trees, especially in this season of spring where everything is completely filled with flowers. One of my most marked styles, at the time of edit and transform my photographs, is to give texture and painterly. For this edition, first I used Icolorama Flow option and Simplify, and then to give color and texture I finished the art piece with Stackables.



Vintage Rose.

Vintage Rose by Elaine Taylor


Apps Used: Hipstamatic (Sergio/Maximus LXIX), Snapseed, Stackables, Union.

Back Story: Flowers amaze me. I particularly love the beautiful vulnerability and strength of single flowers. It’s my new favourite subject to shoot (after my children). I usually go for bold and vibrant colours, but I have been inspired by the work of a number of artists (especially Paul ‘Skip’ Brown) to experiment with more muted, painterly and textured effects.

I held this single rose against our dining room wall and took a few shots using one of my new Hipstamatic combos: Sergio/Maximum LXIX. I was pleasantly surprised at the results. As is usual for me, I used Snapseed to crop and straighten the image, and make some minor adjustments.

The background needed to be a little more interesting and I wanted to enhance the vintage feel that the Hipstamatic combo had already provided. I did that using one of my favourite apps – Stackables. I played around with some of the app’s effects and preset formulas (they are amazing!) until I found the overall result I was looking for. I used Union app bring back the colour and texture of the flower so that it wouldn’t be too lost in the added texture.



Muscari by Skipology

Textured / painterly still life is one of my favourite genres of iPhoneography and florals are probably my favourite subject in that genre. I quite like app stacking to achieve my own signature style rather than that of an app. within the last year, a few apps such as Mextures and Stackables have been released which allow so many variations that you can use a single app and still have your own style. That is what inspired this image. It was captured in ProCamera7 and edited / textured in Stackables and that is all. I challenged myself to simplify my processes and reduce the number of apps used. I guess sometimes less is more.


Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday by Ginger Lucero

The apps I used are, ProCamera 7, PhotoWizard, Imageblender, Stackables, Mextures, and VSCOcam.

Sundays remind me of a day for relaxation and just taking it easy. It also reminds me of a day for yard work, the kind of day the lawn is fragrant from just being mown. I immediately knew what image I wanted to create. This is an image of my son and the grass in the front yard…before it was cut. I liked the long single blade of grass and the seeding piece just off to the right of it, it looks like a closed eye. The single piece reminds me of headphones. It’s as though he’s listening to music, eyes closed, and enjoying the smell of the fresh cut lawn the breeze brings through the window. :)





“Chalk” by Brian Miller

Photo taken with an iPhone 5s. I used Photogene to add a filter, ShutterCam, Camera+, PSTouch. This image was edited on an iPad also using Snapseed.



White by Rad Drew

This shot was taken in the Palouse near Colfax, WA. The area is full of fallow, wheat, and canola fields and is a great classroom for studying texture, pattern, light and leading lines. I took this shot using ClearCam in the enhanced mode and then processed in SnapSeed to adjust for ambiance, shadow and contrast in the Tune menu, and for sharpness and structure in the Details menu. Then I applied Noiseware to remove some of the noise in the clouds. When I did Noiseware, I didn’t like the effect it had on the grass, so, I combined the Noiseware version with the SnapSeed version and masked in the “good” grass. This way I had smooth clouds and sharp grass. I used impression to add my signature.


Canonbury, Old School House

Canonbury, Old School House by Mark Walton

Hipstamatic 231

The Beginning

The Beginning Cindy Buske

This image was taken on a recent visit to New Orleans. I had just arrived and was checking out my beautiful hotel balcony overlooking a quiet corner of the French Quarter. As I re-entered the room, I couldn’t help but notice the inviting charm of these old French doors.

Apps used: Histamatic Oggl, Madalena lens + Blanko BL4 lens.


Dancing Poppies

Dancing Poppies by Mariko Klug

Poppies Series II
iPhone 5s
I saw these Poppies on a sandy mound and could not resist to take a picture. They were glowing in the sunlight and looked like they were dancing in the breeze…

Camera: Hipstamatic Jimmy lens + DC film
Cropped and increased colour temperature with PhotoToaster
Texture/Filter: Mextures (Decay), Camera+ (Dreamstate)

Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Co-author of The Art of iPhoneographyCentral. Founder of


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    It is truly an honour to find my image surrounded by all that amazing work. Honestly. Congrats everyone, and thanks again Nicki. Such a wonderful treat :)

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