Getting the right angle.


macro photography, when you see it superficially it looks pretty simple, right? but it takes alot of time to capture the best picture. first of all, identify which part you would like to emphasize, if its the front, side or back of the object you are taking a maco shot of, it is important because that point of focus will be and should be the clearest part of the photo. 2nd, the lighting is really important in this photo, it was actually dark art first so i used a flashlight and positioned it properly and just enough to be able to get the desired effect. 3rd, take alot of shots till you get the one you want and having a steady hand helps but if you dont have one, like me dont worry, try to modify using your sorroundings, like here, i placed my iphone on top of the table so that it wont end up a shaky picture. well i hope this helped, eventhough it is just simple.



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