Replace background with a new sky using Filterstorm


You will need Filterstorm for this tutorial (You could also use these hi-res apps: Superimpose, Juxtaposer,Photoshop Touch(iPad) Blender, Iris Photo Suite, PhotoForge2).
To me, photography is an art and it’s not that easy. Not every photo could be described as art. Not every camera by default can create an art. It can only be created by the person who captured or edited it. Sometimes, a photographer’s imagination can turn an ordinary image into an eye catching subject. You need imagination before doing anything and then the skill to use the techniques. 
I am not that artist. I’m a student of photography but everyday I’m learning. 
It could be thought of as easier to create photographic art for those who have a camera that takes high resolution pictures and then edits them later with one app such as photoshop on a large computer screen. But with the iPhone, in my opinion, you don’t have that freedom, you have a different set of options. The iPhone artist and/or photographer has to choose different applications for different actions. And above all, you only have a small screen. If you choose an iPad to edit, I would call that iPadography, not iPhoneography. 
Now I’ll come to the point. What I am going to show you is how to replace the background of an ordinary image with the Filterstorm application. This particular image was shot and edited on an iPhone 4. Have a look on the first image below.
A man playing with his ball captured by me a long time ago. Only a few days ago I realized I could really bring this image to life by replacing the background with a dramatic sunset scene! So I did!! 
Here is how…
I needed a beautiful sunset sky with colorful cloud so I downloaded this image from google. But you can use your own. 
The problem was that my original photo with the man and ball was too bright for the sunset scene so I opened up my "man and ball" image in Filterstorm and adjusted the exposure, brightness and contrast until I felt I toned it down to my liking. 
Then I cropped the image in square format to focus only on the man with his ball.
Then I realized, I’m holding my phone on right hand and the man also facing at the right side showing me his back. So I flipped him to the left to make him look at me or my side. 
The next step was adding the sunset sky. I discovered two ways of doing this in Filterstorm to blend the images. The first one is using the "Filter menu>add exposure" and the second is "Layer menu>camera+ icon".
I used the add exposure option to do this.
This option will bring open your camera roll to choose a picture from. I chose the sunset sky which was previously cropped to a square format.
Now, both of my images were in a square format, I just clicked on the "fit to image" option and was ready for the next step: "masking". 
Next, I simply used my finger to paint away the top image to reveal the sunset layer beneath.
If you make any mistakes you can use the eraser brush.  Use the multi-directional arrow when you what to zoom in or out or when you want to move the picture.  Beware of the top icon the "X". If you click on this you’ll fnd yourself at the beginning of the tutorial, just before the add exposure step.  You’ll also find the adjustable brush options: diameter, softness and opacity very helpful during painting the mask out.
And finally: the final image….
That’s it. Thank you for reading. 
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