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Apps Uncovered 31 December 2017: A Good Year

Apps Uncovered 31 December 2017: A Good Year

Selected by Trish Korous Welcome to this week’s Apps Uncovered where we feature a range of iPhoneography talent and reveal the creativity and techniques behind each of the iPhone images featured. This week my selections pretty much had the same motivation as last time. Images to which I was immediately drawn. A year-end potpourri of


Apps Uncovered – Negative Space, 25 September 2016

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald Welcome to the this week’s Apps Uncovered in which the theme of negative space emerged quickly in this week’s selection. Negative space is the area around or in between objects or subjects in an image; the actual objects or subjects defining the positive space. Keeping the photo simple and introducing a lot


Amazing iPhone Photo Art Training with Bob Weil

  Here’s what people are saying about Bob Weil’s stunning iPhone Artistry Course Shirli E. “I am learning so much from your course. I came from the background of traditional photography and shot with film, developed it and did my own printing – so this is a great adventure for me. I am also going back