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In this brand new course, I show you how to turn your pet photos into expressive and vibrant work of art using Procreate.

I share some personal, fun techniques that I’ve developed using Procreate for creating expressive, colourful pet portraits using digital collage and mixed media on the iPad or iPhone.

As well as a good starter class in Procreate, it’s also great for experienced artists who want to explore and expand their way of working using fresh techniques in digital art, especially with Procreate app.


I hope you’ll join me!



Creative Slow Shutter - Photo Artistry For iPhone or iPad

How to capture awesome Slow Shutter images and transform them into astonishing works of art – entirely on your iPhone or iPad.

Painting with Light – Creative Mobile Slow Shutter photography

How to create Incredible, unique, artistic Images by harnessing the magic of LIGHT & TIME in your mobile photography

Instructor: Nicki Fitz-Gerald


Armchair Art Adventures –
Mobile art projects at home using Procreate

Turn sitting at home in your comfiest chair Into a delightful artistic adventure!

7 creative stay-at-home mobile art projects designed specifically for the iPhone or iPad.

Instructor: Nicki Fitz-Gerald

iColorama Creative – Start your adventures with iColorama app here

Master iColorama app in this course for those who want to explore the creative possibilities of this incredibly versatile app.

Instructor: Nicki Fitz-Gerald and Susan Tuttle


iColorama Creative Plus– More adventures with popular app iColorama

More ideas from celebrated authors Nicki Fitz-Gerald and Susan Tuttle on how to create awesome images with this incredibly versatile app.

Instructors: Nicki Fitz-Gerald and Susan Tuttle

Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry – Creative Mobile Art projects using various apps

How to Use Your iPhone or iPad as an Incredibly Powerful Tool for Creating INSPIRED Artwork.

Instructor: Nicki Fitz-Gerald and Susan Tuttle



The Mobile Art of Nicki FitzGerald

On The Fly with Jon Gill 

Nicki FitzGerald Artist, Educator and iPhoneographer