Using AI art apps in your digital workflow – Janis B. Lee

Not all AI art is generated with words or a one-click process as you’ll discover with Janis Brandenburg Lee who talks us through how she uses WOMBO Dream AI art app as part of her chain of apps workflow.

Over to Janis…


Controversy aside (because the arguments will go on indefinitely), I have found a way to use Artificial Intelligence in my artwork as more of a tool than a means to an end.  I choose simple subjects, such as crows, or trees or bees, as opposed to humans because I find AI represents humans in a most inhuman way.  I would hate to think I created a piece of art just by pushing a button because I feel there would be no piece of myself in the making of it.


So, in a nutshell, I use WOMBO Dream because you can incorporate your own image in its creative process.  I’ll just jump in here and show you one of my recent images created using AI.


For the image (pictured above), I began with one of the preset trees in the Distressed FX app. I tweaked it in iColorama by blending it back into itself and adding some color. I could have just as easily started with a photo I took of a tree but it was convenient to use the one from the app.  I was aiming for a dreamy, less realistic result.  



Next, I took this tree to WOMBO Dream and used the prompts ‘Tree, Stars, Night, Klimt Style’ and used their own style ‘Unrealistic’.  Here are some of my results.




From these I chose a few I liked and brought them back to iColorama where I began with a blank white canvas, altered to black by using Adjust>Exposure and sliding the slider all the way to the left to make it black.  From this starting point I began to add trees.  




Then by using the sliders for ‘Grey’ I was able to eliminate the white around the tree.



Adding more trees…


The result was the image below “Fantasy ‘forest’ with stars.”



Thank you Janis for sharing your techniques with us.

You can find more of Janis’s work here on instagram: janisbrandenburg


Nicki FitzGerald
  • Liz Smith

    Thanks for sharing, Janis. And thanks for doing this Nicki. How imaginative and creative. I admire the work of both of you.

    27 February 2023 at 06:55 Reply
  • Joan Whitfield

    Thank you to Nicki and Janice for this amazing explanation of Janice’s work to achieve more interesting use of AI

    27 February 2023 at 13:20 Reply
  • Carolyn Shea

    Wonderful Janis! Thanks for sharing!

    2 March 2023 at 05:29 Reply
  • Carolyn Shea

    Wonderful Janis! Thanks for sharing!

    2 March 2023 at 05:29 Reply
  • Tony Bounsall

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing Janis!

    24 December 2023 at 16:02 Reply

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