Creative Slow Shutter Combo Offer – Grab Lifetime Access TODAY!

I wanted to let you know that my two Creative Slow Shutter classes are currently on offer at a special low COMBO deal price with Lifetime Access!

You can get the offer right now here.

With the early evenings creeping in, this is the perfect time of year for slow shutter (long exposure) mobile photography.

When the light is low, it’s ideal for capturing great painterly slow shutter images. My two courses show you how to both capture and transform these special photos into artistic and painterly works of art.


Here are the two courses you’ll get for the one all-time-low price:


Painting with light focusses on the capturing images with different Slow Shutter Apps.


Slow Shutter images taken with iPhone.

Creative Slow Shutter shows you how to take your images and push them further artistically. 

Student work – Creative Slow Shutter Classes


Digital Collage by Hillary Morin created with Slow Shutter images


Images created with Slow Shutter photos by (Top) Katherine Fisher (Bottom left to right) Susan Latty and Mitchell Bell.


Here is what some students have said about the courses so far:

“I am so loving the Creative Slow Shutter class, Nicki. Just what the doctor ordered for me with time on my hands like I’ve never had before. Really enjoying experimenting with the various slow shutter cameras here indoors at the hospital and then watching your editing videos…. I am so stimulated by your thinking. It’s making me try out some different strategies and that’s great fun. Many thanks for all the hard work you put in to create the course.” 


Thank you, Nicki, for leading the way and offering up all your creative insights, instruction and feedback. I absolutely love this course… You have opened the door to a creative adventure I’ve wanted to go on for a long time. This new course is unleashing my creativity and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for sharing your skills and imagination with us, Nicki.”

S.Wade Gray

Want to take creatively artistic shots with your phone? Nicki is the leader in this field!”


Nick you are in the big league! So thrilled with your contribution to mobile art! It takes a village and folks like you are blazing a path for new creative digital artists! 


Thank You. I purchased your Painting with Light program. First, I’d like to say it’s very well produced. I’ve watched the entire course once now and will be going back through to focus on your finer points. I’m enjoying all the images people are posting here in this forum. Amazing creativity!


It’s not often that my courses go on offer so please take this opportunity to get them both at this special low price.

Have fun taking your mobile photography in a new artistic direction!


And don’t forget to share your work in the iPhoneography Central Facebook Group,


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= Nicki =




Nicki FitzGerald
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