Procreate Book Artists Announced! (UPDATED Nov ’23)

Thank you for your patience. I am thrilled to announce that the artists to be published in my new book Digital Collage with Procreate has now been decided. Scroll down the page to see the list of names.

Congratulations to you all!! 

Some of the artists work has been featured in a small Procreate gallery within the book and some scattered throughout in relevant chapters – you’ll have to wait until the book is published to see how your work got featured…(click here if you can’t wait to buy – my last book SOLD OUT).


A huge big thank you to everyone who submitted work. It has been an extremely challenging task deciding which work should be in the book. If your work wasn’t included, please don’t be disheartened, it’s possible that your art may have been in a very similar style to work already selected. There were many more I would have liked to included but I already exceeded the book page limit and I had to make some difficult decisions. ….also, I will be offering future opportunities to get your work published, so please watch this space…

Artists to be included in the book:

Montse Abad, Mitchell Bell, Dale Bradshaw Botha, Barbara Braman, Rita Colantonio, Oola Cristina, Karen Edwards, Angela Millard, Diane Adler Monheit, Hillary Morin, Christine O’Brien, Beka Schiller, Anthea Scotte, Debbie Strong and Sue Slater Pulaski.

More Artists to be announced

Also….VERY EXCITING…..I am thrilled to announce that the book includes several Artist Interviews with some of my favourite incredibly talented collage artists and book illustrators, many who are published artists and illustrators and who I know some of you will know very well….I will be revealing their names over the next couple of weeks…

The first interviewed artist I’d like to announce is our very own Susan Latty! Australian artist Susan shares the process she uses to create her beautiful botanical artworks in Procreate as well as some very useful tips on printing digital art. Check out Susan’s interview on page 276!

Buy the eBook now or preorder Print version (Amazon)

ebook & Printed book – If you would like to buy both the ebook and printed book versions, you can pre-order them as a bundle from the Rocky Nook website. Buying the bundle will get you the ebook as soon as it’s available and you’ll also get first priority once a book ships from the warehouse. Pre-ordering is a good way to get a book first, sometimes before the on-sale date (currently early January 2024, so you might even get it in December)

Thanks to everyone for your fantastic support and especially for your patience during this momentous project over the past 18 months!
Look out for more news about the book, especially the Artist Interviews coming soon!!

If you haven’t ordered your copy (my last book SOLD OUT), please pre-order here: Digital Collage with Procreate. (Amazon)

= Nicki =


Nicki FitzGerald
  • Robert Aller

    I just received this email today, but I had no idea this book was being created. I never submitted work. Too bad I didn’t know sooner. I have a book of my iPhone images although I don’t do coallaging. I use the iPhone 14 Pro as a device similar to my digital rangefinder camera to capture/photograph on the street.



    26 August 2023 at 17:03 Reply
    • Nicki

      Thanks Robert. Sorry you missed the opportunity. Keep watching, there will be others!

      27 August 2023 at 19:46 Reply
  • Debbie Strong

    I am giddy with happiness and gratitude to be included in your new book! Thank you so much. Congratulations to all included artists

    26 August 2023 at 21:18 Reply
    • Nicki

      Well deserved Debbie!! Great to have you onboard!

      27 August 2023 at 19:44 Reply
  • Debbie Strong

    I am giddy with happiness and gratitude to be included in your new book! Thank you so much. Congratulations to all included artists.

    26 August 2023 at 21:22 Reply
  • Anthea Scotte

    Thank you so very much for this wonderful and exciting opportunity Nicki!!

    27 August 2023 at 00:11 Reply
    • Nicki

      So great to have your work in the book Anthea!

      27 August 2023 at 19:43 Reply

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