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I’m a UK artist, author and teacher exploring photo art, collage and mixed-media on the iPad and iPhone.

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  • Maybe you’ve been wondering how to get started in Mobile Art and need some digital photo art projects to get those
    creative juices flowing
  • Perhaps you are already an established artist and have been looking to develop your artistic skills and expand your imagination into the realms of digital collage and painting using an iPad and iPhone
  • Maybe you’re a creative photographer looking for fresh ideas and want to tune into your more artistic side to create more painterly works of art
  • Or perhaps you are just curious about everything that’s creatively possible using the iPhone and iPad and want to explore some of the fantastic apps like Procreate, Snapseed, Superimpose X, Touch Retouch, iColorama.

I hope you find these pages inspiring. Contact me if there are any mobile art topics you’d like me to cover or are interested in contributing an article.

Tablet computer on artists table
Creating Art with Mobile Devices
Photo to Art
Nicki FitzGerald

Creative Slow Shutter Combo Offer – Grab Lifetime Access TODAY!

I wanted to let you know that my two Creative Slow Shutter classes are currently on offer at a special low COMBO deal price with Lifetime Access! You can get the offer right now here. With the early evenings creeping in, this is the perfect time of year for slow shutter (long exposure) mobile photography. When the light is low, it’s ideal for capturing great painterly slow shutter images. My two courses show you how to both capture and transform these special photos into artistic and painterly works of art.   Here are the two courses you’ll get for the one all-time-low price:   Painting with light focusses on the capturing images with different Slow Shutter Apps. Creative Slow Shutter

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Photo to painting
Nicki FitzGerald

Slow Shutter Travels with Linda Hollier

Born in South Africa, and having lived in Germany for ten years, I found myself living in the United Arab Emirates in 2010. This period also ushered in the arrival of my first iPhone and on 11/11/2011 I made my first post on Instagram. Photographing the skyscrapers of Dubai at the time, I soon found myself drawn to creating abstract pieces from some of these photos to depict the experience of traveling through the corridors of cyberspace. The world of apps had opened up to me.   Discovering the app Slow Shutter Cam, I began to photograph the people I encountered on my daily outings. A visit to Istanbul in Turkey marked a turning point in my iPhoneart. Attending a

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Photo to Art
Nicki FitzGerald

Beachwalker series by Rita Colantonio

For a long time Rita Colantonio has been delighting us with her colourful images on social media. It’s so wonderful to have watched her work develop over the past few years and it was no surprise that her Beachwalker series featured here won an Honorable mention in the 17th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards and will be exhibited in Barcelona in October this year. Rita kindly agreed to share the story behind these colourful and pattern-filled art works from which you can really feel the Florida heat emanating beyond the canvas. She also details the workflow she used to create them in the step-by-step tutorial below. You can see Rita’s latest work here. Over to Rita….       Beach walker series.

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Procreate brushes
Nicki FitzGerald

Create Procreate brush from sketch

Lesley created the forest in this image with brushes originally drawn in her sketchbook. Some time ago, one of our Facebook group  members Lesley Lane Fenton made this charming illustration with organic shapes.  I asked Lesley about the work and she told me that she created these shapes in Procreate by making her own brushes from drawings in her sketchbook. Lesley provided me with a quick description of how she makes the brushes but since then Procreate has had quite a few updates so I’ve added an up-to-date, step-by-step tutorial of how I would create a brush from a drawing in Procreate which you can read further down the page. Over to Lesley…. I wanted to use my own brushes and brush

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Hi, I’m Nicki FitzGerald, UK artist, author illustrator and teacher based on the South Coast of England. Drawing inspiration from the everyday moments in life, I stir in some imagination to create collages and painterly photos incorporating both digital and analogue techniques into my work experimenting with photography, paint and paper on an iPhone and iPad.